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Products at Armada Toolworks inc.

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Utilizing plastic injection moulding and zinc die casting as base processes -- Armada combines engineering design with unique manufacturing solutions to produce cost effective, high quality products which todays consumers demand.  Expanding further into mechanical assemblies and Class A surface components and technology, Armada will continue to lead the way with innovative and lean manufactured success stories...

Interior & Exterior Door Handle Systems

Armada is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Door Handle Systems. Interior Systems include speakers & switches and 2-Shot Handles. Exterior Systems include the Door Handles and Reinforcement Brackets with the capability for lighting or passive entry. Products include plastic or zinc Levers with all types of finishes – Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Soft Touch paint or moulded-in-colour.


Armada produces many Trim Components and Assemblies from Chrome accent to Vent / Dash Assemblies and exterior logos. . .



Armada produces many Zinc and Plastic Assemblies and technical plastic components. . .


About Armada Toolworks Inc.

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Head-quartered in Lindsay Ontario Canada, Armada Toolworks is proud to provide Engineered Automotive Assemblies and Components to the World. We take great pride in the skill and ability of our staff to design, develop and manufacture leading-edge products for the automotive markets.


  • Fast ResponseArmadaToolWorks
  • Experienced Technical Sales
  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing
  • Innovative Design Resources
  • Robust Engineering Solutions
  • Valuable Team of Skilled Employees
  • Flexible Manufacturing & Logistics

Global Reach - Armada Toolworks

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