Armada starts with the Design Process and Tooling utilizing APQP systems and DFM to ensure robust, high quality designs.  We then couple the product with the appropriate production process, designed and manufactured in-house, to obtain a cost effective solution for your product requirements.

titlespacerINJECTION MOULDINGPlastics71

Armada produces both structural and Class ‘A’ components on Injection moulding machines ranging from 60 to 600 ton,connected to a central loading and resin drying system.  Part quality is maintained through detection systems and robotic extraction where needed.  We have insert moulding, 2-Shot and Overmould capabilities.

Armada Manufacturing

titlespacerZINC DIE-CASTING                                          

Armada produces both structural parts and Class ‘A’ chrome and painted components on Zinc die casting machines from 50 to 500 ton. We utilize robot and sprue extractors for reduced cycle time and process consistency.

Armada Manufacturing

titlespacerAUTOMATED ASSEMBLY        

Armada utilizes processes from light machining through to highly integrated synchronous moulding and assembly.  The optimal method for assembly is chosen based on volume / capacity requirements
and product characteristics in order to obtain the lowest cost highest quality product.


Armada ManufacturingtitlespacerONLINE ERROR PROOFING                               

Error proofing to prevent defects from passing on to next operation is a core discipline at Armada.  If it can’t be designed out, then the appropriate control is added from proper fixturing through  to vision systems and 100 % on-line verification.